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The Titonka Fitness Center is available to members 24/7.  It is equipped with cardio, strength training and free weight equipment.  Check out the equipment legend for the full list of equipment.  There is a restroom and lockers in the facility.  Membership can be paid in advance annually or by monthly ACH withdrawal. 

Titonka Fitness Center User Fee Schedule (effective November 1, 2017)
Membership Type Single Family
Full Year Membership 1    
     Monthly Payment  $ 15.00  $ 22.50
     Full year payment  $180.00  $270.00
Monthly Membership    
     Full-time student (under age 26)  $ 15.00  $ 22.50
    Age 65 and over  $ 15.00  $ 22.50
    All others  $ 26.00  $ 39.00
Guest Pass 2    
     Per Day  $   3.00  
     Per Week  $ 15.00  

1Full Year Memberships - (a) The membership year runs from November 1 through October 31 of the following year.  If a membership is cancelled before October 31, then the member cannot rejoin as a Full Year Member until one year has passed since the date of cancellation unless the cancellation was due to circumstances beyond the member's control or the member moved more than 10 miles from the Fitness Center.

2Guest Pass - (a) A member who has had a Full Year Membership (single or family) for at least one year may sponsor an individual who lives more than 10 miles from Titonka as a guest.  The number of guests that ay be sponsored at any one time is limited to five per membership.  Gest passes are available for purchase at City Hall.  The Titonka Recreation Commission may also approve someone for a guest pass.  If you have a Full Year Family Membership, immediate family members living more than 10 miles away may use the Fitness Center without a guest pass.  Immediate family member are limited to the following: child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchild, parent and grandparent.

Applications are available online or at TSB Bank and Titonka-Burt Communications.  You can return completed application forms to either location.

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Titonka Fitness Center Rules
Titonka Fitness Center Application/Membership Agreement
Release and Waiver of Liability
ACH Authorization


Titonka Recreation Commission Board Members:
Todd Schwartz
Mike Heyer



Titonka Fitness Center
543 Dieckman St NE
Titonka, IA 50480