This website is a collaboration between Titonka Community Club, Titonka Area Economic Development, Titonka-Burt Communications, TSB Bank and the  City of Titonka.  We value your input. Please contact us via mail, phone or the via form below with questions, comments and suggestions. We are always glad to hear from you.  You can also use this form to submit events for the calendar.

Address: Titonka-Burt Communications
               247 Main St. N
               P.O. Box 321
              Titonka, Iowa, 50480

Phone: (515)928-2110
Fax: 515-928-2897

Address: City of Titonka
              543 Dieckman St NE
               P.O. Box 382
              Titonka, Iowa, 50480

Phone: (515)928-2850
Fax: 515-928-2950







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